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About us

Shana Bea, created Love, Beatrice in 2014 as inspiration and an extension of her Nana, Clarece Beatrice Fletcher. A woman, Shana describes as one of profound compassion, immeasurable dynamism and a radical love. These attributes have served as a guiding light for Shana’s life and now function as core values for the Love, Beatrice brand.

A Heavy Praying Woman Embroidered Crewneck

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All About Cork

All of our handbags are made of sustainable materials. Cork is an eco-friendly material produced from the thin cork shavings obtained directly form the bark of the cork oak tree.  Much of the production is hand-crafted. The innovative characteristics of cork fabric are unique and original. 

Unlike leather, cork fabric is 100% natural and vegan, water repellent, stain resistant and scratch-proof. Another advantage of cork fabric over leather is that it’s very low-maintenance.


- Soft to Touch

- Environmentally Friendly + Ecologically Correct

- Durable as Leather + Incredibly Versatile

- Waterproof + Stain Resistant

- Dust, Dirt, + Grease Repellent

Body by Bea

Nutrient Rich + Chemical Free Body Care Products for the Whole Crew.

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