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Our handmade body butters are nutrient rich and sure to leave your skin remarkably soft. This body butter only contains natural ingredients, unlike traditional lotions that are linked to breast + ovarian cancers. We promise protection and long lasting benefits.
Ingredients - Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Rose Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil, Roman Chamomile Oil.
Cocoa Butter - Penetrates the skin for deep hydration. Anti-ageing. Works as a skin healer reducing scars + evens skin tone. A natural healer for those with sensitive skin suffering from eczema + dermatitis.
Mango Butter - Softens + soothes skin.Helps combat dry skin, eczema, + dermatitis. Reduces lines + wrinkles. Contains anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory + anti-ageing properties. Is non-greasy + absorbs easily into the skin. 
Shea Butter - Protects your delicate skin from the sun. Provides excellent moisturizing to even the driest of skin. Stimulates the production of collagen. Helps retain + restore some of your skin’s elasticity.
Rice Bran Oil - Hydrates skin + protects skin from UV/environmental damage. Helps firm + tighten your skin. Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles. Brightens the look of your skin, helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots + evening skin tone.
Avocado Oil - The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in avocado oil help your skin stay smooth, strong, and elastic. Calms itchy skin. Heals chapped skin. Replenishes dry skin. Hydrates + moisturizes skin. Shields skin from ultraviolet radiation. Protects against skin damage.
Sunflower Oil - Helps skin retain moisture, keeping skin hydrated for longer periods. Protects against the damage done by free radicals. Helps postpone skin aging. Lowers skin redness + roughness. Maintains outer protective skin layer. Helps shield it from future environmental damage.
Clary Sage - Reduces skin inflammation + heal rashes. Balances + regulates the production of natural oils in the skin, reducing both oily + dry skin. Makes your skin look young + beautiful.
Lavender - Restore skin complexion. Reduces acne scars + age spots. Anti-aging. Improves mood + reduces stress. Heals burns + cuts. 
Rose Geranium - Balances hormones. Reduces stress. Reduces depression. Minimizes inflammation. Improves circulation.
Roman Chamomile Oil - Helps calm + treat acne, rashes, eczema, wounds, dermatitis and dry/itchy skin.